Vision Therapy

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is an individualized treatment program using specialized procedures and equipment that help teach the patient how to use their eyes and brain together correctly and to better understand what they see. The American Optometric Association states, "Vision therapy is effective for patients of any age who have difficulty utilizing their visual system to process information."

During our developmental eye exam, our team will obtain information about the visual system. The developmental vision exam includes in-depth testing to assess visual acuity, eye tracking, eye alignment, focusing, visual perception, and other subtle problems that can interfere with reading and learning. The developmental vision exam can help determine if vision therapy can help with any learning-related vision problems. Many factors are considered when determining a patients need for vision therapy, such as; parent and/or teacher observation, learning style, and visual problems the exam has revealed. We consider the process of developing strategies to help children be successful in school a joint effort between the patient, parents, teachers, vision and/or occupational therapists, and the optometrist.